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Over 2,000 different gowns and costumes

There are over 2,000 different gowns and costumes in the Continental Moda store.

Our experience allows to make every woman look unforgettable to you and your visitors.

The ladies always remember the day they were wearing our gown.

All women can make their best choice from Continental Moda’s ranges: housewives, grandmothers, teachers, businesswomen and also ladies who have been invited to the President’s audience.

You never forget garden parties, evenings in the theatre or in restaurants if you wear original clothes. And don’t forget that all men admire well-dressed women. Beautiful clothing needs not to be expensive but it certainly has to be comfortable, suitable and original. The selection in the Continental Moda store in truly amazing and all sizes are available from any designer collection.

We promise that our collections are unique. If you have bought a gown from us you should not forget accessories. The perfect look can only be achieved by adding the right jewels, hand bag and a hat!

All accessories can be found on the shelves of Continental Moda!

Continental Moda, Tartu mnt 18, Tallinn  10115  Phone +3726620232   Open E-R 10.00  19.00   L 10.00 - 17.00