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The greatest dresses in the heart of the city Tallinn.

Continental Moda is a shop with the best assortment of dresses located  in the heart of Tallinn, just across the street from Stockmann. Since 2004 we are located at Tartu mnt 18, Tallinn. On the 16th of May, 1994, Continental Moda was created as an American-Estonian joint-enterpirse with a vision to offer the most beautiful dresses in Estonia. The first shop was opened at Tammsaare tee 89, Mustamäe. In 1995-2002 the Continetal Moda shop was situated at Roosikrantsi 3.  Assortment of over 2000 dresses and costumes offers an unique choice for festive occasions for every customer.

On the base of our long-term experience we have connected the best of the fashionworld with the needs of Estonian ladies. Our collections are carefully chosen from the most prestigous fashion-shows in New York, Paris and Milan which qurantees the best possible selection and quality. Since 2005 Continental Moda is also the official representative of the London’s world-famous dress-production enterprise “Dynasty”.

Our client appreciates herself, her femininity and prefers quality and glamour. It is no suprise that every year at national and other festive occasions many beautiful ladies have chosen exactly Continental Moda dresses as their match for the night. Our dresses are also highly valued by  graduates who know exactly what they want to wear on their important day of graduation.

Besides fashion and design we are also really fond of culture. We are proud sponsors of Velvet Legion, Baltic-Nordic Harmonica Festival, Viru Folk and singers Maria Listra and Gerli Padar.Our dresses have also beautified several Estonian movies.


Continental Moda, Tartu mnt 18, Tallinn  10115  Phone +3726620232   Open E-R 10.00  19.00   L 10.00 - 17.00